Winning Marketing Concepts Made Easy!

There’s nothing more vital to having a successful winning product that will improve your bottom line than having a winning marketing concept. All too often, products that have been promoted and hyped as being the “next big thing” have fallen on their faces because of having a poor marketing concepts. An example the author mentions of a product that got the ide If you are interested in improving your product’s image and increasing your sales, you owe it to yourselves to get, read, and study Martha Guidry’s latest book, Marketing Concepts That Win! One of the best aspects about Marketing Concepts That Win is that Guidry provides excellent examples and case studies throughout her book, and she offers tips, tools, and useful advice to help her readers refine the concept they’ve come up with so that potential consumers identify with the product more. For instance, Chapter 8, “Reason To Believe,” gets into the importance of the reason to believe, or RTB, to a product’s promise to the consumer.

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